Edge Guide

Edge Guide - Superior trim control from Summit Metal Service

edge001Summit Metal Service offers the E-250Edge Guide, an inexpensive and shop-durable tracking control capable of holding 0.062" of scrap per side! The E-250 has been proven on material thickness from .008" to .375"!


Minimum scrap is the ultimate goal of any processing facility. Let the E-250 Edge Guide help you achieve that goal, cost effectively.

edge002Shops across the nation are using our E-250 Edge Guide to keep scrap trim down to a minimum at a fraction of the cost of proximity sensors, lasers, and light curtains.


Easily installed in just a few hours, this product keeps your operators focused on safety and quality issues instead of tracking, trim tying, and loosing cuts.

NEW! Watch the E-250 Edgeguide in operation!

Look at that precision trim. Watch the end of the video closely
to see the precise adjustments controlled by the E-250 Edgeguide!
Save Thousands of Dollars in waste!


Best of all, we're so sure you'll love it that you can try it free for 30 days!

  If you're not completely satisfied, return it and you pay nothing but shipping.

  And it's warrantied for Three Full Years!

 General warranty information:

If it fails within three years from your date of purchase, contact us and we'll ship you a new unit the next business day. 

If under any circumstances the unit seal has been tampered or broken, the purchaser is obligated to purchase the unit for the listed price (including installation, if any).

For a complete copy of the warranty terms, click HERE. 

$5200.00 per unit
Need 3 or more? Volume pricing available! Contact Sales today! 

Professional installation services available!

$800.00 per unit

plus travel and expenses.