Gatorgrip ®

Gatorgrip ® Felt Attachment System
Exclusively from Summit Metal Service!

The LAST drag wipe boards you will ever need!
- Patented steel hook and loop design.
- Cut Felt or Carpet costs in half by using both sides.
- Replace Felt or carpet in seconds.
- 30 day trial.
- Warranted for 3 years.

If you've tried the other guys "saddle", "boards", and "stix". They may have helped some, they still frustrate you. They waste felt, because you need to use additional material to wrap over the edges in order to secure it. And you only use one side. They waste time, because you have to remove the boards to re-felt or re-cover them. The boards wear out, warp, or require periodic resurfacing. Or, they split from the use of screws or nails to hold down the felt. When a screw or nail comes loose you risk more than just the board - your run, and even your equipment could be damaged.

How much time is spent at your site swapping boards? With Gatorgrip, you change over in seconds - because you change the felt, not the board. Trying to control your costs? Gatorgrip is the answer here too. Less labor to change the felt - just tugg in the opposite direction, flip, and re-seat! The change is done twice as fast, and using half the felt - yes, you use BOTH SIDES.

  • Category:Industrial Equipment
  • Patent Date:May 16, 2006
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