Summit Metal Service, Inc.

Summit Metal Service, Inc. is more than just a steel supplier, we are minority owned and managed service and support specialists for slitters and cut to length equipment.
With over 30 years experience, our highly skilled service and repair staff has been designing, manufacturing and installing new and used equipment throughout the South East United States and Central America.
We are also a member of National Minority Supplier Development Council.

Quality Products

Expert Staff

Build your precision install with Summit Metal, Inc.

Installation & Relocation Services

We follow O.E.M. directives and proven industry standards.
Updating our practices as new technology comes to light.
We want it done right the first time!

Machine Installations

Machine installation services of manufacturing equipment including repairs and removal of processing equipment and related machinery world wide.

Expert Installations

Experienced and professional staff providing precise equipment installations for every customer.

On-Time Completion

Working hard with schedule to deliver every customer a satisfactory completion time line.

Electrical & Mechanical Retrofits

Equipment Manufacturer Engineered retrofits or updating an old line with newer components. We have the experience and the resources necessary for trouble tree, expert retrofits in a timely manner.
  • Aligning your strategy with objectives
  • Helping our customers
  • Working hard every day

Repair & Full Alignment Services

Our Alignment and Bearing Wear inspections provide detailed data to eliminate the guesswork from strip shape damage and defects. This procedure provides you with an educated step by step approach to tackle these problems. We are well versed in all facets of repair work. From Gearbox and Slitterhead rebuilding to troubleshooting issues. Give us a call.

Used Equipment Purchase/Consulting

Buying a used line or component? Let us evaluate the condition of the equipment prior to price negotiations and advise on necessary repairs and overhauls. Placing you, the buyer, in a more efficient bargaining position.
  • Thorough Inspections
  • Professional Evaluation
  • Experienced Consultants